The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

The AODA affects all businesses, nonprofits and all levels of government in Ontario. With the goal of breakdown barriers for people with disabilities, the AODA mandates that all organizations meet various standards relating to customer service, employment, information and communications, the built environment, and transportation.

How we can help you with the AODA

Accessibility Ontario offers a comprehensive range of services to support organizations to meet their AODA compliance requirements:

  • Training: Customer Service Standard and IASR (workshops, webinars, Train-the-Trainer and elearning)
  • Website Accessibility Audits and Solutions
  • AODA Policy and Multi-Year Accessibility Plan Templates
  • Accessibility Consulting and Coaching Services
  • AODA Education and Outreach Program Design and Delivery

Not Compliant with the Customer Service Standard?

Two easy steps to become compliant:

  1. Purchase our Customer Service Standard Policy Template
  2. Enroll  your staff, volunteers, and Board Members in our online training course

Customer Service Standard Online Training

Our online Customer Service training is a time and cost effective way to meet your AODA responsibility to train all your staff and volunteers (don’t forget your Board Members!). Unlike a unengaging workbook, this course is interactive and offers knowledge testing so that you can ensure that your staff have not only met the AODA training requirement but thought about how to apply accessibility best practices to their own job. 

We can have your staff registered and ready to take the training within 24 hours and you will receive the necessary documentation that your staff have successfully completed the course.

To learn more about this online training, pricing and to purchase seats in the course, read on….

New Workshops

Train-the-Trainer: Customer Service Standard-  1 spot left!

April 15, 2014

How to Make Your PDFs Accessible

May 22, 2014

Maximize Your Website’s Accessibility

When: Tuesday, May 27th  (11:00-11:30am)

Where: Online webinar

Cost: Free

For more information, visit:

Coming Soon!

Accessibility Ontario is developing an online training course for the IASR (Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation) relevant for staff and volunteers.

We are also offering customized online training courses which would include case studies, best practices, and tips relevant to your industry. Contact us for more information: 647-502-7047 /


January 1, 2014: Deadlines for Large Organizations

Large organizations (nonprofits and private sector businesses), as defined by the AODA, must have their Integrated Accessibility Standards policies written and shared publicly by January 1, 2014 – only four months away! These policies will need to cover each of the four standards under the IASR, as they relate to your organization.

Large organizations also need to create a Multi-year Plan to address visible and invisible barriers in their workplace, as well as how they will go about meeting the compliance requirements under the IASR in a timely way. The plan must be posted publicly – such as on your organization’s website – and be updated at least every five years.

Small organizations also have to create policies for Integrated Accessibility Standards and have until January 1, 2015 to comply.

How we can help:

Accessibility Ontario will work with you to create the required policies and plan that you must have in place.  The documents are customized to reflect your particular organization. Call (647) 502-7047)  or email us to discuss.

Policy and Plan Templates: For those who would like to develop their own policies and plans, we offer several templates to make this easy:

  • Customer Service Policy template
  • IASR Policy template (including Information and Communications Standard, Employment Standard, and General Requirements)
  • Multi-Year Plan template

Order your AODA templates.