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Accessibility Ontario is delighted to offer businesses and organizations our “Service Animals Welcome” sticker. One of the requirements of the Accessible Customer Service Standard is that you allow service animals onto your property. Let your customers and clients  with disabilities know that they are welcome by putting one of these signs in a visible location such as your front window or door.

The removable sticker is 4″ x 3.5″ in size and is laminated for long lasting and outdoor use.

“Thank you very much, Constance. You could not have made it any easier (to order stickers).”   

Derek Kirchin, CAA North Eastern Ontario

Price:  $3.00 each, plus HST

Shipping is free.  10% off orders of over 50 stickers.

” As an Ontarian with invisible disabilities who would like to get a service dog to mitigate these disabilities, I am thrilled that these stickers exist. I saw one in the window of a community agency that I attend a group at, and it made me feel really good to know that I will be welcomed there when I get my four-legged partner.”                                                               ~ Jennifer

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