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Message from the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario (ADO)

We are very pleased with the outcome of our EnAbling Change partnership with the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN). The task was enormous – to educate the nonprofit sector in Ontario about their obligations under the Customer Service Standard, the first standard to become law under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Since Fall 2010, through their EnAbling Nonprofits Ontario (ENO) program, ONN has reached out and educated thousands of nonprofits across the province through high calibre webinars and workshops, monthly e-news, and a dedicated website.

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Message from the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN)

We want to thank Constance Exley who has done an outstanding job of helping the nonprofit sector provide and warm and welcoming reception to all Ontarians. This project has been an excellent example of how government and the sector working together can build strong, welcoming communities.

Staff and Volunteer Training

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“Accessibility Ontario tailored the training to meet the needs of our staff and our volunteers to ensure that the information was easy to understand, and meaningful in the context of our work. The discussion was engaging, and the exercises gave us an opportunity to demonstrate what we had learned. We could have provided in-house training, but chose to use Accessibility Ontario to provide our staff and volunteers with the best opportunity to enhance their skills in support of our clients.”

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), York Region
Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), York Region

Train the Trainer – From the Ground Up

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 “What I really liked about the training? Everything!”

Carefor Health and Community Services
Carefor Health and Community Services

Train the Trainer – Integrated Accessibility Standards

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“Great morning! Good to have a small group and so well adapted to our sector.”

“Great interaction. I really appreciate the support and accessibility offered on an ongoing basis.”

“The more information I receive, the more I see the value and need for this type of training and the better I can serve our community.”

Toronto Theatre Companies

Integrated Accessibility Standards Overview

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“Constance, thank you very much for your presentation. You engaged the Board Members and made the session interesting. They have, over time had numerous speakers, some of whom talked at them and others like yourself who involved them in dialogue.”

Central East Community Care Access Centre (CECCAC)
Central East Community Care Access Centre (CECCAC)

Integrated Accessibility Standards Overview

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“I liked everything about this IAS overview. It was a lot of information and Constance is so knowledgeable!!”


Introduction to the AODA

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“Thank you for an amazing and informative presentation. You were very concise, professional, and engaging, and you definitely demonstrated deep knowledge of the subject. I went from not knowing anything about Ontario’s accessibility legislation to having a solid understanding of the necessity and importance of what a law like this can bring to Ontario and its overall population. Thanks!"

TechSoup Canada
TechSoup Canada

AODA workshop

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“Great class!”

“Presentation was great.”

“Straight forward, usable information and great tips!”

“Training was very well presented.”

“Inspired thought to a large variety of disabilities.”

“The presenter was knowledgeable and ‘accessible’.”

“Exceeded expectations.”

Client in Owen Sound

AODA workshop

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“Thank you for the opportunity to network. I learned from peers as well as from the excellent presentation.”

“Thank you Constance – Excellent presentation!”

“Very clear, knowledgeable.”

“Very knowledgeable, especially with all the different nonprofit sector groups at this workshop.”

“You are providing a great service!”

“Many thanks! Great session!!”

“Very informative. Thank you!”

Client in Brampton

AODA workshop

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“The workshop was extremely useful. Thanks for the resource links. They are great!”

“Looking forward to further workshops.”

“Thank you so much for this valuable information!”

“Your workshop was well-organized, clear, and concise. Thanks!”

Client in Windsor

AODA workshop

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"Excellent – very knowledgeable.”

“Thank you for making it less scary!”

“Very knowledgeable, interactive, passionate to the cause and effect.”

“Well presented, clear, good recommendations.”

“Thank you – very timely and just what we needed.”

“Constance was warm, engaging, and knowledgeable!!”

“Well done. Sincere thanks.”

Thunder Bay Client

AODA workshop

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“Informative and good take-away information package.”

“Presented well, explained things clearly, personable, and helpful.”


“Very thorough information, time for questions, and knowledge sharing.”

“I feel comfortable that I understand what is required by our organization and know where to get more information.”

“Comprehensive overview of information.”

“Good interaction with large group. Relied on expertise in the group. Great presentation!”

“Well-spoken. Cognizant of audience needs. Timing was good and presentation moved forward well.”

“The written material is excellent along with the presentation. Excellent support!”

“Thank you – many points clarified!”

“Wonderful speaker, wealth of knowledge, engaging.”

“Excellent – worked through information with examples relevant to the content.”

“The presenter was very adaptable and encouraged interactive sharing of ideas.”

“Very knowledgeable and good input from participants.”

Client in Barrie

AODA workshop

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“Thank you!”

“Great take away resources.”

“Great info provided. Thanks!”

“It helped make the requirements more clear and less overwhelming.”

“I didn’t think there would be enough time for all the info but the presenter did well.”

“Receptive to questions – thanks!”


“She was clear, smart, engaged with her material and thoughtful.”

“Perfect! It was not rushed. Questions were given full and respectful consideration.”

“Very good workshop. Learned a lot.”

“Very informative.”

“Managed wide ranging questions and did well to keep the discussion on track.

“Knows her stuff.”

“Engaging. Answered questions thoroughly.”


“I felt that this was an excellent overview and appropriate for my position as ED.”

Client in Guelph

AODA workshop

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“Very informative, glad I came.”

“Friendly, clear, helpful, gave breaks in a productive way, no question was considered unimportant.”

“Clear, concise, knowledgeable presenter. Good job!”


“Good information and excellent resource material.”

“Very knowledgeable. Good group interaction.”

“Exactly what I was looking for!”

“Good speaker and good listener. Was able to lead discussion well and keep things on track.”

“Good presentation. Presenter excellent.”

“Good free ranging discussion around specific questions.”

“Good knowledge and appropriate common sense approach.”

“Great content both verbal and written.”

“Responsive; used examples; had a good understanding of the content; invited participants to add from their knowledge base. Great job! Thank you.”

Client in Haldimand-Norfolk

AODA workshop

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“Constance was clear, concise, informative and respectful.”

“Engaging presenter.”

“Presenter very well informed about the topic.”

“Very compassionate towards disabilities and impassioned by the subject of her presentation.”


“Very informative.”

“Presenter was clearly knowledgeable.”

“Thank you – the information and resources were very helpful!”

“Gave great examples – situational.”

“Excellent presentation and a wealth of information and resources to access.”

“Great and knowledgeable presenter.”

“Constance was clear, concise, warm and welcoming.”

“Thanks very much. I went from not knowing anything about the legislation to having a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for offering this workshop!”

“Constance was great – kind and easy to speak to.”

“Loved the templates!”

“Well prepared. Handles questions thoughtfully. Pointed out various sources of information.”

“Very knowledgeable and dedicated to the topics at hand.”

“A wealth of knowledge and able to answer any question.”

Client in London

Accessible Customer Service Standard Training

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“This was the second workshop I attended on the accessible customer service standard. This was 100% more useful and I would recommend it to all co-workers and community members. Thanks for making this change less stressful!”

“Well done, accessible, very informative, and professional.”

“Knows her material. Received a lot of good information. Very social, friendly setting.”

“Very knowledgeable. Well presented – one of the best seminars I have been too. So much information in a 3-hour period – but presented effectively. Thanks!”

“Thank you for an excellent presentation. It was very helpful.”

Client in Belleville